New Strange Landing video out! #33 - Starring Ryan Oughton

"Yep, #33 is here. And just like Larry Bird - it delivers." -King Shit Magazine

Strange Landing # 32 Is out and its Corey Klim.

Strange Landing # 29, Brad Sheppard Part 2. Next one in 2012.



Pretty stoked that Rob posted our newest Strange Landing before we did.

SL# 14. If you like these I’m up to #23 on the youtube channel.

Strange Landing # 10, Sean Lowe getting his on the big block at Queen E while avoiding all the basketball players. If you bother watching this, wait till the end.  - dave

Cocaine Running in my Dick Vein, the joke, the song, it was all a lot funnier last summer when this came out. Either way it’s still one of my favorite rap quotes.