Can’t be the only people in the world not posting the Shawn Powers’ Power Surge part.

Not only is this part amazing, but they come to Vancouver and skate the yellow curb by the plaza and the old Richmond skatepark.

Kitsch Skateboards - Freaks & Geeks Part 1 from Kitsch Skateboards on Vimeo.

A video I did for the first of two demo’s presented by Kitsch Skateboards and Coastal Riders called the Freaks and Geeks tour. -dave

"In early June Josh Matthews, Russ Milligan, Lee Yankou, Adrian Williams, Joey Guevara and Pat Moran from the Think team hopped the border to visit Russ’ hometown of Vancouver at the end of the Business In The Pacific Northwest Tour (check out our Instagram recap here). They spent a day skating the Chuck Bailey park in Surrey and the RailSide park in Port Coquitlam with a street spot stopover in between. Here’s how it all went down.

Filmed and Edited by: David Ehrenreich
Song: “Mind Mountain” from the album Ever The Silver Cord Be Loosed by Weird Owl.”