Strange Landing Officially Endorses CBR Products

This was found recently on the CBR Blog…


On June 11th 1989, down in the depths of the lava flowing caverns of Mount Zeus, a child was born. Conceived by the Gods of Metal as their version of Jesus, this child was a gift to the Earth.

He was made for a specific gnarly task. He was created to head bang. He was created to skate. And that’s exactly what he does.

His name………….Jamie “Mount Zeus” Maley.

To anyone on the street, Jamie is just your regular 22 year old long haired skate skid rat who resides at all hours down at Hastings bowl or Leeside, smoking old man rollies, drinking Pacific Pilsners, grinding rails and frontsliding his way to oblivion, but to us at CBR he’s a legend.

Jamie’s a riot, he’s the younger brother that everyone wants and a straight up, no worries kinda dude. He’s that guy who’ll tell you about any form of metal you want, from circus metal to nature metal to sword metal, and he’ll take you down if you slander it. He’s the genius version of Deaner from Fubar. He’ll roll into work in his Cadillac 82′ Coupe De Ville with cracked ribs, broken wrists, road rash and cigarette burns on his face but he’ll always be here ready for work on time. You simply can not cut this kid down in anyway!

Jamie just recently nailed the front cover for Canada’s leading skate mag, Concrete, and we couldn’t be more stoked for him. It’s a huge thing to make cover in the skate world, much like making the Rolling Stone cover if you’re a musician, and for that we applaud the kid. He’s been with us at CBR for almost 3 years now and he’s been wrecking himself the whole time for this. And now he’s done it.

Jamie rides for C1rcaAnti Hero Skate Boards,Spitfire Wheels and East Van’s own Boulevard Skate Shop and I’m pretty sure he’s the international mascot for everything ‘metal’.

Congrats on your achievement Jamtart! Keep on keepin’ on!