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I found the real winner of this year’s connect the dots…

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Big Diesel on our trip to Toronto.   [o] Pat O’Rourke

Big Diesel on our trip to Toronto.   [o] Pat O’Rourke

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"It’s Episode 2! Shitty parks for everyone. Well, Queensborough is pretty sweet."


"Well, it’s the first episode of Park Safari: where the shittier park, the higher the rating. Oh - there’s some skateboarding in there too."

Bad Park Safari Trailer.

Winners in our hearts…

Winners in our hearts…

Strange Landing # 31. Jason Crolly !!!!

Our entry in KingShit’s Connect the Dots Contest.

Definitely the “feel good” entry from this year’s contest (and another honourable mention), Beach Blastin’ features Nick Moore, Cory Klim, Matt Berger, Alien, Nate Lacoste, Ben Stoddard, Dave Ehrenreich, Dane Collison and Brian Caissie enjoying some goofy summer fun.”

In my mind these guys should have won everything. 2011 Connect The Dots Contest.