Vans Roadblock, a source of much amusement. Video coming for, probably tomorrow. -dave

Shooting a Quicksilver short.

Shooting a Quicksilver short.

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Keep warm and entertained this holiday season with A Yule Log for Times of Economic Uncertainty. While you cozy up and enjoy the holidays keep an eye out for baked potatoes, a cat, roasted marshmallows, an airplane attack, some pretty shoddy excuses for wood and more.

Merry Christmas

Video by:
Dave Ehrenreich
Chad Murray

1851 House Residents

This is my first feature film, pretty week huh?

Our entry in KingShit’s Connect the Dots Contest.

Definitely the “feel good” entry from this year’s contest (and another honourable mention), Beach Blastin’ features Nick Moore, Cory Klim, Matt Berger, Alien, Nate Lacoste, Ben Stoddard, Dave Ehrenreich, Dane Collison and Brian Caissie enjoying some goofy summer fun.”

Circa, Color and I. Trailer 2, webisodes any day now…  - dave

Although the titles somehow got fucked up, there was dirt in the fisheye and my name is spelled heinously wrong in the credits. At least we got it up first.  - dave ehrenreich

Strange Landing # 2 Rawl Joseph from the TSOG video.